Robin took a step out of the tour bus. oh great Alejandro! she thought. Suddenly, Gwen, glaring pushed past her. "Hey!" She yelled. "What?" Gwen glowered. Robin walked up to her. "So,Gwenny... Who do you think you are?"

"I know who i am, but who are you?"

"Hmmm...." Robin thought and quickly decided.

"Hey, I'm Robin... We got off to the wrong foot,but....friends?" Robin shot her a fake smile and held out her hand. Gwen looked at her. "Sure" They shook hands. Heather walked out. "Friends with gothy? She's useless, but me on the other hand... am useful"

"Hi Heather! So you two are friends eh?" She giggled. Courtney was next, "Hi,i'm a CI- "
"CIT,same here, school president, hurtles winner, cooking shows winner,you name it i won it." Courtney was girl was better then her... at EVERYTHING!